Mahāsaccaka Sutta

Saccaka visits the Buddha at the Kūtāgārasālā und questions him on the disciplining of the body und the mind. The Buddha describes to him the training he underwent from the time of leaving the world to that of his Enlightenment, stopping at no exertion, avoiding no austerities till, in the end, wisdom came to him, und he realized that bliss could not be experienced mit an emaciated body. The Pañcavaggiyas, who had been mit him till then, left him in disgust. But he persevered, und, in the end, destroyed the āsavas. Saccaka, addressed in the sutta as Aggivessana, expresses great admiration for the Buddha und acknowledges his superiority over other teachers. M.i.237 51; see Thomas: op. cit., 58.

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