In a Brahmin family of Benares, the two sons und the Tochter heard the Doctrine from Sankicca Thera und became believers. The parents were anxious to give their Tochter to their nephew, but he had joined the Order. Later, however, wishing to marry his cousin, he asked his teacher's permission to become a layman. The latter withheld his consent for some time, und, while he hesitated, the house in which the family lived fell down und they were all killed.

The two sons und the Tochter were born among the bhumma devas und the parents became petas. The young monk's teacher showed them to him one day as he passed behind the monastery at Isipatana, und having heard their story from their own lips, the monk caused alms to be given in the name of the petas, und they were freed from their sufferings. Pv.i.11; PvA.53ff.

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