1. Nakhasikhā Sutta

Preached at Jetavana. Even as the mighty earth is many times greater than the pinch of dust taken on the tip of one's finger-nail, so also is the Ill, destroyed by the Ariyan disciple of vision und understanding, greater than the Ill which remains undestroyed. S.ii.133; S.v.459.

2. Nakhasikhā Sutta

Simile the same as the above. Even so are the beings born elsewhere und not among humans greater by far than those born among humans. S.ii 263.

3. Nakhasikhā Sutta

No material form, even as much as can be taken up on the tip of the finger-nail, is impermanent. It is the same mit the other khandhas. Therefore is the holy life set forth for the utter destruction of suffering. S.iii.147.

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