In the texts contrast is often drawn between the Paccantajanapada und the Majjhimadesa. In the latter the fortunate ones are born, und it is a great disadvantage to be born outside it; for, then, the possibilities of hearing of the Buddha und his teaching become remote (z.B., DhA.iii.248, 489; KhA.133).

The boundaries of the Majjhimadesa are given in several places, und the Paccantajanapada, lies beyond these boundaries. They are: in the east, Kajangala und Mahāsālā; in the south east, the river Salalavatī; in the south, Setakannikā; in the west, Thūna; und in the north, Usīraddhaja (pabbata) (Vin.i.197; J.i.49; cp. Dvy.21f).

The Vinaya rules were relaxed in the case of those who lived in the Paccantajanapada, where it is said that the Buddha never spent a night. MA.ii.982.

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