1. Paccaya Thera

An arahant. He belonged to a noble family of Rohī (Rohinī) und succeeded to his father's estate. Once, when he was holding a ceremonial oblation, a great number of people assembled, und the Buddha, arriving among them, preached from the sky, seated in a jewelled pavilion made for him by Vessavana. Paccaya heard the preaching und renounced the world, attaining arahantship in a few days, und not leaving his cell till he had developed insight.

It is said that In der Zeit von Kassapa Buddha, Paccaya was a monk who refused to leave the vihāra till he gained insight, but he died before his purpose was fulfilled. Earlier, ninety one kappas ago, he had come across the Buddha Vipassī, on the banks of the Vinatā, und had offered him a fig (udumbara) (Thag. vss. 222 4; ThagA.i.341f). He is probably identical mit Udumbaraphaladāyaka of the Apadāna. Ap.i.295.

2. Paccaya

The state elephant of Vessantara, brought to the stall by a female flying elephant, on the day of his birth, und deposited there. He was white in colour, und was called Paccaya because he supplied a need of Vemantara. J.vi.485.

Paccaya Sutta

An explanation of the teaching regarding Paticcasamuppāda. S.ii.25f.

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