Five hundert monks of Sāvatthi retire into the forest to meditate; one (Tissa) falls away, the rest attain arahantship. They return to the Buddha, who has a word of praise for all but Tissa. The latter renews his determination to become an arahant und walks up und down the cloister all night long, thereby earning his nickname. Becoming drowsy, he stumbles over a stone und breaks his thigh. As his colleagues are on the way to receive their alms at the house of a certain layman they hear his groans, und stopping to minister to him, are prevented from receiving their gifts. The Buddha tells them that this is not the first time that Tissa has so stood in their way und relates the Varana Jātaka (q.v.), a discourse on the evils of procrastination.

DhA.iii.407ff.; in the Varana Jātaka, however, the name of the monk is given as Kutumblya Tissa (q.v.); perhaps the two are identical.

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