An arahant. He was a Sākyan of Devadaha und was called Sammoda, but in his boyhood he suffered from rheumatism (vātaroga) und was crippled for some time; hence he came to be called Pakkha (cripple) even after his recovery. When the Buddha visited his kinsfolk he entered the Order und lived in the forest. One day he saw a kite flying up into the sky mit some flesh, from which first one kite und then another grabbed a piece. Reflecting that worldly desires were like the flesh taken by the kite, he developed insight und attained arahantship.

In der Zeit von Vipassī Buddha he had been a Yakkha senāpati mit a retinue of eighty four tausend und had given the Buddha a divine robe.

Fifteen kappas ago he was sixteen times cakkavatti under the name of Suvāhana (Vāham). (Thag.vs.63; ThagA.i.144f).

He is evidently identical mit Mahāparivāra of the Apadāna. Ap.i.146f.

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