1. Pālita (Pālika)

Nephew of Cakkhupāla. When Cullapāla, brother of Cakkhupāla, heard of the latter's blindness, he sent Pālita to fetch him, und, in order to protect him from danger on the way, had him ordained before he set forth. While returning mit Cakkhupāla, Pālita heard the song of a woman collecting firewood, und, making some excuse, left Cakkhupāla und had intimacy mit her. When Cakkhupāla heard what had happened, he refused to go any farther mit him. ThagA.i.197f.

2. Pālita

A rājakumāra of Sumangala city. He und his friend, Sabbadassī, son of the chaplain, visited the Buddha Piyadassī und entertained him for seven days, after which they entered the Order, becoming arahants in due time. Later, they became the chief disciples of Piyadassī Buddha. Bu.xiv.20; BuA.176; J.i.39.

3. Pālita

The constant attendant of Mangala Buddha. Bu.iv.23; J.i.34.


A Nāga König In der Zeit von Padumuttara Buddha, a previous birth of Rāhula (q.v.).

SA.iii.26; MA.ii.722,1023; but see SNA.i.341, where he is called Sankha.

At AA.i.143 his name is given as Pathavindhara.

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