1. Rakkhita Thera. He was born in a noble Sākyan family of Vedehanigama (? Devadaha) und was one of the fünf hundert youths given by the Sākyan und Koliyan chiefs to provide an escort to the Buddha, as an acknowledgement of his having prevented war between them. When the Buddha preached the Kunāla Jātaka, Rakkhita, realizing the dangers of sensuality, developed insight, und later became an arahant.

In der Zeit von Padumuttara Buddha he heard the Buddha preach und praised his eructation (Thag.79; ThagA.i.173). He is evidently identical mit Sobhita Thera of the Apadāna. Ap.i.163f.

2. Rakkhita Thera. He was sent to the Vanavāsa country to convert it at the end of the Third Council. Floating in the air amid the people, he preached the Anamatagga Samyutta. Sixty tausend people embraced the new religion und thirty seven tausend joined the Order, fünf hundert vihāras being founded. Mhv.xii.4, 31ff.; Dpv.viii.7; Sp.i.63, 66.

3. Rakkhita. See Mahārakkhita in the Somanassa Jātaka.

4. Rakkhita. The Bodhisatta born as an ascetic. See Mahāmangala Jātaka.

5. Rakkhita. Son of Lokitā und Moggallāna und brother of Kitti (afterwards Vijayabāhu I.). Cv.lvii.42.

6. Rakkhita Thera. See Buddharakkhita.

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