The chaplain of the König of Benares, while on his way to his village estate, came upon a caravan in a narrow road, und, becoming impatient, threw his goad at the driver of the first cart. The goad, however, struck the yoke of his own chariot, und, rebounding, hit him on the forehead, where a lump appeared. He turned back in a rage und complained to the König, who, without any enquiry, confiscated the property of the caravan owner. But the Bodhisatta, who was the König's chief judge, had the order reversed.

The story was told in reference to the chaplain of the König of Kosala, who was guilty of a similar offence, but, in this case, the König had the case examined by his judges und the chaplain was proclaimed guilty (J.iii.104ff). The stanzas of the Jātaka are quoted elsewhere. z.B., at J.iv.30, 451; vi.375.

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