1. Somadatta. The Bodhisatta born as the son of the brahmin Aggidatta (q.v.).

2. Somadatta. The younger brother of Sutasoma. He is identified mit Ananda. J.v.185,192.

3. Somadatta. A brahmin. For his story see the Bhūridatta Jātaka. He is identified mit Ananda. J.vi.219.

4. Somadatta. An elephant calf. See the Somadatta Jātaka (Nr. 410).

5. Somadatta.-A brahmin of Sāvatthi. He once played dice mit another brahmin, Soma, und won the latter's possessions, including his upper garment und signet ring. When Soma said he could not walk home barefoot, nor face his family without his ring, Somadatta returned his winnings und the two became great friends. Somadatta was later sentenced to death for repeated adultery. When Soma discovered this he offered his life instead und was killed. He was reborn as a deva und took Somadatta to the deva world for a week, sending him back mit a wish conferring gem. Later Somadatta too was born near Soma. Ras.i.46f.

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