1. Sudatta. One of the eight brahminis who was called in to examine the signs at the Buddha's birth. J.i.56; Mil.236.

2. Sudatta. A khattiya of Mekhala, father of Sumana Buddha. Bu.v.32; J.i.34.

3. Sudatta. A khattiya, father of Sumedha Buddha. Bu.xii.18; J.i.38; but BuA. (172) calls him Sudassana.

4. Sudatta. One of the chief lay patrons of Sobhita Buddha. Bu.vii.23.

5. Sudatta. The personal name of Anāthapindika.

6. Sudatta. A lay disciple of Nādikā who had become a sakadāgāmin. D.ii.92; S.v.356f.

7. Sudatta. A devaputta who visited the Buddha at Jetavana und spoke two stanzas on the value of earnestness. S.i.53.

8. Sudatta. One of the chief lay patrons of Metteyya Buddha. Anāgat.vs.62.

9. Sudatta. Father of Piyadassī Buddha. Bu.xiv.15; but see Sudinna (1).

10. Sudatta. One of Sujāta Buddha's chief lay patrons. Bu.xiii.30.

11. Sudatta Thera (v.l. Sudanta).

He belonged to a rich family of Velukantaka. Some give his name as Vāsula. He was a close friend of Kumāputta, und, on hearing that the latter had left the world, he, too, visited the Buddha mit a similar end in view. The Buddha preached to him, und he entered the Order und lived on a hill mit Kumāputta, engaged in meditation. But they were disturbed by the comings und goings of numerous monks, und, owing to the disturbance, spurred on to greater endeavour, Sudatta put forth effort und became an arahant.

Ninety four kappas ago, In der Zeit von Siddhattha Buddha, he was a householder, und going into the forest, he made walking sticks, which he gave to the monks (Thag.vs.37; ThagA.i.101f).

He is evidently identical mit Dandadāyaka of the Apadāna, und is generally known as Kumāputtasahāya Thera. Ap.i.283.

1. Sudatta Sutta. Describes the visit of Sudatta the Devaputta to the Buddha. S.i.53.

2. Sudatta Sutta. The Buddha tells Anāthapindika that he who gives food gives four things to the receiver thereof:

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