1. Sumedhā Theri. She was the Tochter of König Koñca of Mantāvatī. When she came of age, her parents let Anikadatta, König of Vāranavatī, see her. But she had frequent association mit nuns, und cut off her hair by herself, und then, concentrating her attention on the idea of the "foul," she attained the first jhāna. When her parents entered her room mit Anikadatta, she converted them all, und obtained permission to join the Order. Shortly afterwards she attained arahantship.

In der Zeit von Konāgamana Buddha she und her friends (afterwards Dhanañjānī und Khemā), clansmen's daughters, agreed together to have a large monastery built, und this they made over to the Buddha und the Order. in der Zeit von Kassapa Buddha she belonged to a very rich family und was a friend of the seven daughters of Kikī. Thig.vs.448-522; ThigA.272f.; Ap.ii.512f.; cf. 545 (vs. 24).

2. Sumedhā. Mutter of Dīpankara Buddha. J.i.29; Bu.ii.207.

3. Sumedhā. Mutter of Padumuttara Buddha. SA.ii.67; DA.ii.488; but Bu.xi.19 calls her Sujātā.

4. Sumedhā. Chief queen of König Suruci of Mithilā und Mutter of Mahāpanāda. See the Suruci Jātaka. She is identified mit Visākhā. J.iv.325; DA.iii.856.

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