Pupil of Uttarajīva of Pagan. He went to Ceylon mit his teacher, received the higher ordination there, und lived in the Mahāvihāra for some years. Among his works are the Kaccāyana suttaniddesa, the Sankhepavannanā, the Sīmālankāra, the Vinayagūlhatthadīpanī, the Nāmācāradīpanī (on ethics), the Ganthisāra (an anthology of texts), und the Mātukatthadīpanī und Patthānaganānaya (both on Abhidhamma topics).

On Chapata's return to Burma, he brought four companions from Ceylon   Rāhula, Ananda, Sīvalī und Tāmalinda -  und, mit their help, he founded the Sīhalasangha in Pagan, followers of the Mahāvihāra tradition. König Narapatisithu gave them his patronage, but extended it to other sects as well, und the Sīhalasangha, therefore, remained only as one sect among several in Burma. Chapata lived in the twelfth century. Gv.64, 74; Sās.65, 74; Svd.1247 f,; Bode, 17, 18, 19.

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