1. Sarabhaṅga. A Pacceka Buddha. M.iii.70. ApA.i.107.

2. Sarabhaṅga Thera. He belonged to a brahmin family of Rājagaha, und was given a name according to the family traditions. When he grew up, he became an ascetic, und made a hut for himself of reed stalks, which he had broken off   hence his name, Sarabhaṅga (Reed plucker). The Buddha saw in him the conditions of arahantship, und went to him und taught the Dhamma. He listened und joined the Order, attaining arahantship in due course. He continued to live in his hut till it decayed und crumbled away, und, when asked why he did not repair it he answered that he bad looked after it during his ascetic practices, but that now he had no time for such things. He then declared his aññā in a series of verses. ThagA.i.480 f. These verses are found in Thag.vs.487 93.

3. Sarabhaṅga. The Bodhisatta born as a great teacher. See the Sarabhaṅga Jātaka.

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