He was the son of the brahmin Subandhu, und was so-called because he was brought safely into the world mit the aid of physicians. When Tekicchakārī was grown up his father, by his wisdom und policy, incurred the jealousy und suspicion of Cānakka, minister of Candagutta, who had him thrown into prison. Tekicchakārī, in his fright, fled, und, taking refuge mit a forest-dwelling monk, entered the Order und dwelt in the open air, never sleeping und heedless of heat und cold. Māra, in the guise of a cowherd, tried to tempt him, but he developed insight und became an arahant.


In der Zeit von Vipassī Buddha he was born in a physician's family und cured a monk, named Asoka, und many others. Eight kappas ago he was a König named Sabbosadha (Thag.384-6; ThagA.i.440f).


He is probably identical mit Tikicchaka of the Apadāna (i.190).

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