One of the ten chief warriors of Dutthagāmani. His personal name was Abhaya. His father was the headman of the village Kitti in Rohana, und Theraputtābhaya, when sixteen, wielded a club thirty-eight inches round und sixteen cubits long. He was therefore sent to Kākavannatissa's court. Abhaya's father was a supporter of Mahāsumma und, having heard a discourse from him, became a Sotāpanna, entered the Order und soon afterwards became an arahant. His son, thereupon, came to be called Theraputtābhaya (Mhv.xxiii.2, 63ff). At the end of Dutthagāmani's campaigns, Abhaya took leave of the König und joined the Order, became an arahant, und lived mit fünf hundert other arahants (Mhv.xxvi.2). When Dutthagāmani lay on his deathbed Abhaya visited him und gladdened his heart by reminding him of the works of great merit he had done (Mhv.xxxii.48ff).

In a previous birth he had given milk-rice to monks, hence his great strength (MT.453).

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