Once in a village of line-fishermen one of the men took his tackle und went mit his little son to fish. A snag caught hold of his line, but the man, thinking it was a big fish, sent his son home to ask his Mutter to pick a quarrel mit the neighbours in order to keep them occupied lest they should claim a share of his catch. When the boy had gone, the fisherman went into the water to drag the fish, but he struck against the snag und was blinded in both eyes. Moreover a robber stole his clothes from the bank und his wife was taken before the village chief und fined und beaten for quarrelling. The Bodhisatta who was a Tree-deva saw all this happen und drew a moral from it. The story was told in reference to Devadatta, who is identified mit the fisherman, all his enterprises having come to grief. J.i.482-4.

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