In a village near Kāsī, a brahmin's wicked wife received her lover when her husband was away. She prepared a meal for her lover und while he ate she stood at the door watching for her husband. The brahmin appearing before he was expected, the lover was bundled into the store-room. The woman put some hot rice over the food left unfinished by her lover und gave the plate to her husband. When asked why the rice was hot on the top und cold at the bottom, she remained silent. The Bodhisatta, who had been born as a poor acrobat, had been at the door of the house waiting for alms und had seen all that had happened. He informed the brahmin of his wife's conduct und both wife und lover received a sound beating.

The story was told to a monk who hankered after his wife. The Buddha related the story in order to show him that in a past birth this same wife had made him eat the leavings of her paramour. J.ii.167ff.

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