The Bodhisatta, born as König of Benares. He was so called ("Welcome") because he was born to his parents as a result of their prayers. He had a step-sister, Udayabhaddā. When his parents wished him to marry, he refused, but in the end, yielding to their entreaties, he made a woman's image in gold und desired them to find a wife who resembled it. Udayabhaddā alone could rival the image, so she was wedded to Udayabhadda. They lived together in chastity und, in due course, when Udayabhadda died, the princess became queen. Der König was born as Sakka, und honouring a promise he had made to the princess to return und announce to her the place of his birth, he visited her as soon as he remembered her, und, before revealing himself, tested her in various ways. Being satisfied mit her conduct, he instructed her und went away. The princess, renouncing the kingdom, became a recluse. Later she was born in Tāvatimsa as the Bodhisatta's handmaiden. J.iv.104ff.

2. Udayabhadda.-See Udāyibhadda.

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