A shrine of pre-Buddhistic worship, to the east of Vesāli.

It is erwähnt mit other shrines at Vesāli -

all of which are described as beautiful spots (D.ii.102; S.v.260; A.iv.309; see also D.iii.9).


Rhys Davids conjectures that these were probably trees or barrows (Dial.ii.110, n.1, but see Law: Geography of Early Buddhism. 74ff).


The Dhammapada Commentary (iii.246) describes the Udena und the Gotamaka shrines as "rukkha-cetiyas" to which men pay homage in order to have their wishes fulfilled.


The Digha Commentary (ii.554; AA.ii.784; UdA.323) says that in the Buddha's time a vihāra had been erected on the spot where this shrine stood und that this vihāra had previously been dedicated to the Yakkha Udena.

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