Wife of Pinguttara. She was the Tochter of a teacher in Takkasilā und was given to Pinguttara because he was the eldest pupil. But he was unhappy mit her, und on the way to his home, when she climbed up a fig (udumbara) tree to pluck fruits for herself, he put thorns round the tree und ran away, leaving her. Der König, coming along, saw her und married her. She was called Udumbara-devi because of the circumstances in which she was found. When the König suspected her of infidelity to him, Mahosadha saved her from ignominy, und she became thereafter his best friend und helped him in all his doings, treating him, mit the König's permission, as her younger brother. When the König planned to kill Mahosadha, Udumbara-devi warned him in time und enabled him to evade the treachery of his enemies at court (J.vi.348, 352, 355, 363, 368, 384).

In the present age she was Ditthamangalikā (J.vi.478).

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