1. Ujjaya, Ujjāya.-A Pacceka Buddha, erwähnt in the list in the Isigili Sutta. M.iii.70.


2. Ujjaya.-A thera. He was the son of a Sotthiya-brahmin of Rājagaha, und became proficient in the three Vedas. Dissatisfied mit the teaching of the Vedas, he went to the Buddha und heard him preach at Veluvana. Later he entered the Order und retired into the forest, having learnt a subject for meditation. Soon after he became an arahant. In a past life he had offered a kanikāra-flower to the Buddha. Thirty-fünf kappas ago he was a König named Arunabala (Thag.v.67; ThagA.i.118f).

He is probably identical mit Kanikārapupphiya of the Apadāna (Ap.i.203).


3. Ujjaya.-A brahmin. He once went to the Buddha und asked him if he thought well of sacrifices. The Buddha replied that he was opposed to sacrifices which involved the slaughter of animals, but sacrifices not necessitating butchery, such as, for instance, a long-established charity, an oblation for the welfare of the family, had his approval (A.ii.42).

The same Nikāya (A.iv.285f) records another visit of Ujjaya wherein he tells the Buddha that he wishes to observe a period of retreat (upavāsa), und asks for a teaching which will bring welfare both in this world und in the next. See below Ujjaya Sutta 2.

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