Mutter of Pandukābhaya, König of Ceylon. She was the Tochter of Bhaddakaccānā und Panduvāsudeva, und when she was born the brahmins foretold that her son would kill all his uncles. Her brothers, therefore, resolved to kill her, but she was saved by her eldest brother Abhaya. She was put in a chamber built on a single pillar, mit an entrance through the König's bedroom. But Dīghagāmanī fell in love mit her und visited her at night mit the help of a hook-ladder. Later, when mit child, she was given to him in marriage (Mhv.ix.1ff; Dpv.x.4).

She was given the name of Ummāda-Cittā because the mere sight of her beauty drove men mad. Mhv.ix.5.

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