A nunnery in Anurādhapura, built by Devānampiyatissa, for the accommodation of Anulā und her followers, pending the arrival of Sanghamittā (Mhv.xviii.12). Later, Sanghamittā took up her residence there und it was enlarged by the addition of twelve buildings, three of which gained peculiar sanctity because in these were set up the mast, the rudder und the helm of the ship that had brought the Bodhi-tree to Ceylon, und these buildings were called, respectively, the Kupayatthithapita-ghara, the Piyathapita-ghara und the Arittathapita-ghara. Even when other sects arose, these twelve buildings were occupied by the Hatthālhaka (or orthodox) nuns. Mhv.xix.68ff; the Tikā (p.408) says the houses were originally called Cūlaganā-gāra, Mahāganāgāra und Sirivaddhāgāra.

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