One of the disciples of Bāvarī (Sn.v.1007). The questions he asked the Buddha, when he visited him in the company of his colleagues, are recorded in the Upasīva-mānava-pucchā (Sn.vv.1069-76). Upasīva joined the Order und became an arahant. According to the Apadāna (ii.345ff), In der Zeit von Padumuttara he had been an ascetic in a mountain named Anoma, near Himavā. Once the Buddha visited his hermitage und the ascetic spread a seat for him mit grass und flowers und gave him fruit to eat. He also gave the Buddha a quantity of fragrant aloe-wood. As a result, he was born in heaven for thirty tausend kappas und was seventy-one times König of the devas. The Apadāna-account makes no mention of Bāvarī.

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