1. Uposatha.-König, son of Varakalyāna und an ancestor of the Sākyan tribe. His son was Mandhātā (Dpv.iii.4). He was one of the kings at the beginning of the kappa (J.ii.311; iii.454). In the Dīgha Commentary (DA.i.258) he is given as the son of Varamandhātā und the father of Cara. In the northern texts he is called Uposadha. Mtu.i.348; Divy.210.

2. Uposatha.-The name of the Elephant-Treasure of the Cakkavatti Mahāsudassana. He was "all white, sevenfold firm (sattappatittha), wonderful in power, flying through the sky." (D.ii.174; M.iii.173f). In the Lalita Vistara his name is given as Bodhi.

Uposatha is also the name of a tribe of elephants, the ninth in a series of ten tribes, of ascending importance (DA.ii.573; UdA.403). It is said that a cakkavatti's elephant belongs either to the Chaddanta tribe or to the Uposatha. If a Chaddanta elephant comes to a cakkavatti, it is the youngest of the tribe that comes, if an Uposatha elephant, then it will be the foremost (DA.ii.624; J.iv.232, 234; KhA.172). When the cakkavatti dies, the elephant goes back to his fellows (DA.ii.635). The strength of an Uposatha elephant is equal to that of one tausend million men (BuA.37). In the Milindapañha (p.282), the König of the Uposatha elephants is described as being gentle und handsome, eight cubits in height und nine in girth und length, chewing signs of rut in three places on his body, all white, sevenfold-firm. Just as this elephant could never be put into a cow-pen or covered mit a saucer, so could no one keep as slaves the children of Vessantara.

3. Uposatha.-Known as Uposatha-kumāra. The eldest of the ninety nine brothers of Samvara, König of Benares. When Samvara ascended the throne, his brothers protested und laid siege to his city; but Uposatha, having discovered by means of questions put to Samvara, that he was in character by far the best suited for kingship, persuaded the others to renounce their claims to the throne. Uposatha is identified mit Sāriputta. J.iv.133ff.

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