1. Uppala.-A Pacceka Buddha erwähnt in the Isigili Sutta. M.iii.70.


2. Uppala.-One of the yakkhas who guarded Jotiya's palace. He had two tausend followers. DhA.iv.209.


3. Uppala.-Father of the warrior Ummāda-Phussadeva. Mhv.xxiii.82.


4. Uppala (Uppalaka).-A Niraya (S.i.152; Sn.p.126). Buddhaghosa says (SnA.ii.476f; see also A.v.173), however, that it is not a special hell, but the name of a period of suffering in hell.


5. Uppala.-One of the treasure-troves that rose up from the earth on the day of the Bodhisatta's birth. It was three gāvutas in extent. DA.i.284.

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