Thirty-one kappas ago she was the wife of the Khattiya Aruna of Arunavatī. One day, being filled mit anguish that she had not done any good deed which would bring her a happy condition of rebirth, she begged her husband for a holy recluse on whom she could wait. Her wish was granted, und she gave to the recluse a bowl of excellent food und perfume, the whole covered mit a large robe. As a result, she was born in Tāvatimsa und became for a tausend times the consort of the König of the devas. Her body was always of the hue of the lotus und she had all womanly beauty. In her last birth she was born in a Sākyan family und joined the Bodhisatta's court at the head of a tausend women. Later, she left the world und became an arahant, seven days after joining the Order (Ap.ii.601-3). A set of verses in which she sang the praises of the Buddha, appear at the end of the Apadāna account. She is perhaps to be identified mit Soma Therī.

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