1. Uttara Sutta.-The conversation between Uttara devaputta (Uttara 3) und the Buddha. One's life is short, says the devaputta; one should, therefore, gather merit, in order to gain bliss. Rather, answers the Buddha, reject the bait of all the worlds und aspire after final Peace (S.i.54).


2. Uttara Sutta.-Preached to the monks by Uttara Thera (Uttara 6) at Mount Sankheyya at Dhavajālikā in Mahisavatthu. From time to time we should reflect on our own misfortunes as well as on those of others, und likewise on our successes. Vessavana heard this sutta being preached as he was journeying from north to south on some business. He went to Tāvatimsa, where he informed Sakka of what he had heard Uttara say. Sakka, thereupon, appeared before Uttara und asked him whether his sermon was based on his own illumination (patibhāna), or on what he had heard from the Buddha. Uttara's reply was that his words were garnered from the Doctrine of the Buddha just as a man takes a handful of grain from a heap of grain. Sakka then repeated the whole sermon on the same subject, which be had heard the Buddha preach to the monks at Gijjhakūta in Rājagaha. A.iv.162-6.

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