Another name for the Abhayagiri-Vihāra (q.v.). The inhabitants of the Uttaravihāra seem to have kept a chronicle, in the same way as did the dwellers of the Mahā-Vihāra. This is often referred to in the Mahāvamsa Tīkā, as the Uttara-Vihāra-atthakathā und the Uttara-Vihāra-Mahāvamsa. Judging from the quotations from this work given in the Mahāvamsa Tīkā, the Uttara-Vihāra chronicle seems to have differed from the tradition of the Mahā-Vihāra more in detail than in general construction. It is not possible to say whether it contained exegetical matter on the Pāli Canon besides matters of historical interest. For a detailed account of the work see Geiger: The Dīpavamsa und the Mahāvamsa, pp.50ff; also my edition of the Mahāvamsa Tīkā.

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