He belonged to a retainer's (ibbha) family in Kosala, und, because he had come from the Brahma world, he wept whenever a woman took him in her arms. Since he thus avoided the touch of women, he came to be called "Vajjita." When of age, he saw the Buddha's Twin Miracle, entered the Order, und on that same day attained arahantship mit six fold abhiññā.

Sixty fünf kappas ago he was born in a remote village as a woodsman, und seeing the Pacceka Buddha, Upasanta, he offered him a campaka flower (ThagA.i.336).

Two verses spoken by him are included in the Theragāthā (vss.215-6).

He is evidently identical mit Ekacampakapupphiya of the Apadāna. Ap.i.288.

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