The Bodhisatta was once a teacher of Takkasilā, mit fünf hundert brahmin pupils. One day he sent the pupils into a forest to gather wood, but one of them was lazy und went to sleep, und when his companions woke him he climbed on to a tree und broke off some green branches. One of the boughs hit him in the eye und wounded him. The next day the pupils had been invited to a meal in a distant village und a servant girl was told to make them some gruel early, before their start. She lit a fire mit the green wood which lay on the top of the firewood, und the fire would not burn. The green wood had been thrown there last by the lazy pupil who had been the last to return. The pupils could not start in time und the journey had to be abandoned.

The story was told in reference to Kutumbikaputta Tissa, mit whom the brahmin youth is identified. J.i.316ff.

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