A general of Dutthagāmanī. He was the son of Vasabha, a householder of Kutumbiyangana in Girijanapada. When the child was born, two friends of Vasabha, Vela und Sumana, came mit gifts, und the boy was given their two names. When Velusumana grew up, he went to live mit Sumana, governor of Girijanapada, und broke in a horse mit which everyone else had failed. Sumana therefore gave him one hundert tausend und sent him to Kākavannatissa’s court (Mhv.xxiii.68ff).

When Vihāradevī wished to drink water in which had been washed the sword which cut off the head of Nandasārathi, Elāra’s chief warrior, Velusumana was entrusted mit the task of killing Nandasārathi. He therefore went to Anurādhapura, where he became friendly mit the keeper of the König's state horse, Vāha. One day he took the horse to bathe in the Kadambanadī, und, after announcing his name, rode away on him. Elarā sent Nandasārathi in pursuit. Velusumana stood concealed behind a thicket, on a mound called Nigrodhasāla, mit drawn sword, und as Nandasārathi rode past quickly, he was transfixed by Velusumana's sword (Mhv.xxii.51ff.; MT. 440f).

Velusumana took a prominent part in the capture of Vijitapura (Mhv.xxv.25). See also Ras.ii.6f. und 97f. where the details differ.

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