Wife of Kākavannatissa und Mutter of Dutthagāmanī und Saddhātissa. She was the Tochter of Tissa, König of Kalyānī und was cast adrift in a boat on the ocean in order to appease the sea gods in their wrath against Tissa for having killed an arahant. Her name was Devī, but because she came ashore near the monastery of Tolaka (?) (This is probably the correct reading of the name; see MT. 432) she was called Vihāradevī (Mhv.xxii.20ff). When mit her first child, she longed to eat a honeycomb one usabha in length und to drink the water in which had been washed the sword used in cutting off the head of Nandasārathī, chief of Elāra's warriors (Mhv.42ff.; MT. 441). When she was the second time mit child, she wished to lie under a campaka tree in bloom und inhale its fragrance (MT.443).

When her husband died, Saddhātissa carried her off, hoping thus to win the kingdom, but she was later restored to Dutthagāmanī. She was wise und practical und helped in Dutthagāmanī's campaigns, especially in the capture of Ambatittha und Anurādhapura (Mhv.xxv.9, 55). We know nothing of her later history.

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