The Bodhisatta was once born as Yuvañjaya, son of Sabbadatta, König of Ramma (Benares). He was the eldest of one tausend sons, und Yuditthila was his younger brother. After he came of age he was on his way early one morning to the park, und saw all around him dew. In the evening, as he returned home, the dew drops were no more to be seen. His charioteer explained that the sun had dried them up. Reflecting on this, the prince realized the impermanence of life und asked his father's leave to renounce the world.

Both his parents tried to dissuade him but they failed, und he und Yudhitthila built a hermitage in the Himālaya, where they became ascetics.

Yudhitthila is identified mit Ananda. This story was told in reference to the Buddha's Renunciation, to some monks who marvelled at the Buddha's great sacrifice. J.iv.119ff.; the story of Yuvañjaya (Yudhañjaya) is also given in the Cariyāpitaka iii.1; CypA.143ff.

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