1. Gopāla.-King Udena's son. Gopāla was also the name of the father of Udena's queen consort, Gopālamātādevī. AA.i.118.

2. Gopāla.-One of the Yakkha chieftains, to be invoked by the Buddha's followers in time of need. D.iii.205.

3. Gopāla.-One of the four sons of the chaplain to King Esukāri. For their story see the Hatthipāla Jātaka. Gopāla is identified with Moggallāna. J.iv.491.

4. Gopāla.-A setthi, father of Tapassu and Bhallika, in the time of Kassapa Buddha. ThagA.i.48.

5. Gopāla.-A devaputta of Tāvatimsa. He was the teacher of Uracchadamālā and gave alms to the Buddha Kassapa and the monks; he heard the Dhamma but could get no special attainment. Moggallāna met him during a visit to Tāvatimsa and, in answer to the Elder's questions, Gopāla gave an account of himself. Moggallāna thereupon preached to him and he became a sotāpanna. Vv.v.14; VvA.270ff.

6. Gopāla.-A devaputta of Tāvatimsa. He had been a cowherd of Rājagaha and had once offered Moggallāna a meal of kummāsa (junket and rice). Immediately afterwards he was stung by a snake and died while watching the Elder eat the meal he had given him. Vv.vii.6; VvA.308f.

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