(1) "Through companionship with bad men (asappurisa-s.) comes listening to bad advice, thereby unwise reflection, thereby inattention and mental confusion, thereby lack of sense-control, thereby 3-fold bad conduct in bodily action, speech and mind, thereby the 5 hindrances (nīvarana, q.v.), thereby craving for existence.

(2) Through companionship with good men (sappurisa-s. ) comes listening to good advice, thereby faith, thereby wise reflection, thereby mindfulness and clarity of consciousness, thereby sense-control, thereby 3-fold good conduct, thereby the 4 foundations of mindfulness (satipatthāna, q.v ), thereby the 7 factors of enlightenment (bojjhanga, q.v.), thereby liberation through wisdom (paññā-vimutti, q.v.)." Cf. A. X 62.

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