1. Acela-Kassapa.-A naked Asket. besuchte er der Buddha at Ujuññā in the Kanna-katthala deer-park und asked ihm if it were true that he disparaged all penance und reviled Asketen. Their conversation is recorded in the Kassapa-Sīhanāda Sutta (D.i.161ff). After the usual vier Monate' probation, he joined the Order und in due course wurde an arahant (D.i.177; aber according to DA.i.363 he was ordained forthwith). In the Majjhima Nikāya (M.iii.124ff.; auch AA.i.171) we are told that he was an old friend of Bakkula Thera, und that after a conversation mit ihm obtained seinordination (under him).

siehe auch Acela-Kassapa (3).


2. Acela-Kassapa.-An old family friend of Cittagapahati. Having been for thirty Jahre a paribbājaka, he admits to Citta that he had thereby obtained no particular excellence of knowledge. Citta tells ihm of seinown attainments und Kassapa expresses a desire to enter the Order. He is duly ordained, und shortly afterwards becomes an arahant. S.iv.300ff.


3. Acela-Kassapa.-The Kassapa erwähnt in the Acela Sutta (S.ii.18f.; siehe auch SA.ii.26f), wahrscheinlich to be identifiziert mit Acela-Kassapa (1), though the stories of their conversions are different.

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