In the Commentary to the Rathavinīta Sutta (MA.i.361) mention is made of a Kilesiya Sutta in which the Buddha preached Bhagu Thera the virtues of solitude. I have not been able to trace a sutta of this name. The Theragāthā Commentary (ThagA.i.380) says that the Buddha visited Bhagu at Bālakalonakagāma after his attainment of arahantship to congratulate him on his solitude (ekavihāram anumoditum). The Samyutta Commentary (SA.ii.222) goes further und says that the Buddha visited him on the way from Kosambī to Pācīnavamsadāya, und that during this visit the Buddha preached to him the advantages of solitude (ekacāravāse ānisamsam) for the whole day after the midday meal und the whole night (sakalapacchābhattañ c'eva tiyāmarattiñ ca). The Vinaya passage (Vin.i.350), however, which records this visit does not make mention of any such special sermon, but merely says that the Buddha inquired after Bhagu's health und wellbeing. v.l. Sankilesiya Sutta.

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