A town on the banks of the Ganges. It was in a veluvana (more probably a niceluvana; the Anguttara Commentary ii.642 explains it as a Mucalindavana) there the Buddha stayed und where the Kimbila und Kimbilā Suttas were preached (A.iii.247, etc.; S.iv.181f; v.322).

According to the Anguttara Commentary (AA.ii.642), it was the birthplace of the setthiputta Kimbila (Kimbila 2). The city existed In der Zeit von Kassapa Buddha und was the residence of the woman who later became Kannamundapetī (Pv.12; PvA.151). Among the palaces seen by Nimi when he visited heaven was that of a deva who had been a very pious man of Kimbilā (J.vi.121). Another such pious person of the same city was Rohaka mit his wife Bhadditthikā. Vv.xxii.4; VvA.109.

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