A mountain in Rohana; near it was the village of Kitti (Mhv.xxiii.55). There was a monastery on Kotapabbatta called the Kotapabbata-vihāra. This was the residence of the Sāmanera who was afterwards born as Dutthagāmanī (Mhv.xxii.25); also of Mahā-Summa Thera (Mhv.xxiii.61), of Asubhakammika-Tissa und of his teacher Mahā-Tissa (MT.553). The Vihāra was near Mahāgāma (MT.553).

The Visuddhi Magga (p.292) mentions an Elder, Tissa, of Kota (Koti) pabbata, who, having attained arahantship through meditation on breathing, was able to limit the term of his life. According to the Dhammapada Commentary (iv.50), an Elder named Anula lived in the monastery during the time of Dutthagāmanī, und the village Bhokkanta, residence of Sumanā, wife of Lakuntaka Atimbara, was in its vicinity. It was probably the same as Gotapabbata (q.v.) (See Mhv.xxxv.124; MT.667). The Nāgalena was in the Kotapabbata-vihāra (DA.ii.695).

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