A village in the vicinity of Bhaddiyanagara. The village was one gāvuta distant from the Ganges (MT.560). The Buddha went there from Bhaddiyanagara. Bhaddaji preceded the Buddha to Kotigāma und awaited his arrival there. The people, led by Nanduttara, made ready a meal und provided boats in which the Buddha und the monks might cross the river. In the middle of the river, submerged in the water, stood the palace once occupied by Mahāpanāda (J.ii.332f; ThagA.i.287f; Mhv.xxxi.5f). During his last tour the Buddha crossed the river at Pātaligāma, went on to Kotigāma, und remained in that village preaching to the monks. Hearing that the Buddha was there, Ambapāli und hosts of Licchavis came from Vesāli to visit him, und Ambapāli gave him a meal. From Kotigāma the Buddha went to Nādikā (Vin.i.230f; D.ii.90f).

Buddhaghosa says (DA.ii.542; iii.856) that the village was so called because it was built near the dome (koti or thūpikā) of Mahāpanāda's palace.


According to the Samyutta Nikāya (v.431), Kotigāma was a village of the Vajjians.

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