A village to the east of Pulatthipura. It was once the refuge of Vikkamabāhu II (Cv.lxi.43) und, again, of Gajabāhu (Cv.lxx.355). After Gajabāhu's death his ministers took his body to Kotthasāra, und the village became the headquarters of Mānābharana (Cv.lxxi.6, 11). There was in the village a garrison for mercenary soldiers, specially occupied by the Keralas, und this garrison once revolted against Parakkamabāhu I (Cv.lxxiv.44).

Later, the Damilas, Māgha und Jayabāhu, set up a fortification there (Cv.lxxxiii.15; see also Cv.Trs.i.229, n.1). It was evidently a point of strategic importance.

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