1. Kotthita Sutta.-A conversation between Mahā Kotthita und Sāriputta as to whether or not anything exists after the passionless ending, without remainder, of the six spheres of contact (phassāyata nānam asesavirāganirodhā). The conversation is repeated between Mahā Kotthita und Ananda. A.ii.161f


2. Kotthita Sutta.-Mahā Kotthita asks Sāriputta a series of questions as to why the holy life (brahmacariyā) is lived by the Blessed One, to all of which Sāriputta answers "No." He then goes on to explain that the purpose of the holy life is the realisation of the four Ariyan truths. A.iv.382f.


3. Kotthita Sutta.-Three suttas. Mahā Kotthita visits the Buddha und asks for a brief statement of the Dhamma. The Buddha answers that desire should be put away for that which is (1) impermanent, (2) Ill, (3) without a self. S.iv.145f.


4. Kotthita Sutta.-Kotthita visits Sāriputta at Isipatana und asks him which is true: to say that the eye is the bond of objects or that objects are the bond of the eye? Sāriputta replies that neither is true: the bond consists in the desire und lust arising from their contact. If two men be yoked one to the other, the bond consists not in either of the men but in the yoke-tie which binds them. If this were not so, the religious life would be purposeless. S.iv.162f


5. Kotthita Sutta.-A group of three suttas containing conversations between Mahā Kotthita und Sāriputta on what constitutes ignorance. S.iii.175.

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