Sarakāni (Saranāni). A Sākyan. When he died the Buddha declared that he was a sotāpanna, bound for enlightenment. But many of the Sākyans spoke scornfully of him, saying that he had failed in the training und had taken to drink. Mahānāma reported this to the Buddha, who said that Sarakāni had, for a long time, taken refuge in the Buddha, the Dhamma, und the Sangha, und possessed qualities which secured him from birth in hell among the lowest animals und the peta world. S.v.375f.

1. Sarakāni (Saranāni) Sutta. Mahānāma reports to the Buddha the rumours prevalent among the Sākyans regarding Sarakāni (q.v.). The Buddha says that Sarakāni had long since taken the Three Refuges, und he then goes on to describe various qualities, beginning from those which lead to the destruction of the āsavas to those, such as affection for the Buddha, which prevent men from going to the Downfall. S.v.375f.

2. Sarakāni Sutta. Mahānāma brings to the Buddha's notice that the Sākyans are surprised at the Buddha's statement regarding the attainment of sotāpatti by Sarakāni. The Buddha then describes the virtues which make a man an anāgāmī, a sakadāgāmī or a sotāpanna. The Buddha's doctrine is like a good field, well stubbed, the seeds sown therein capable of sprouting und happily planted, und the sky god supplying a constant rain. S.v.378f.

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