1. Upacālā.-Sister of Sāriputta (his other sisters being Cālā, Sisūpacālā) und Mutter of Upacāla. When Sāriputta left the world to join the Order of monks, his three sisters followed his example und became nuns. It is said that when Upacālā was taking her siesta in Andhavana, Māra tried to arouse in her sensual desires, but she vanquished him und became an arahant. Her conversation mit Māra is recorded in the Therīgāthā vv.189-95; ThigA.165f. The Samyutta (i.133f) mentions the temptation of all three sisters by Māra und their conquest of him. But in this account, Upacālā's verses are put into Cālā's mouth, Sisūpacālā's are ascribed to Upacālā und Cālā's to Sisūpacālā.


2. Upacālā.-The chief of the women disciples of Phussa Buddha.

See also Upasālā. (J.i.41; Bu.xix.20).


3. Upacālā.-Chief of the women supporters of Sumana Buddha. Bu.v.28.

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