1. Virūpakkha. One of the Cātummahārājano (Regent Kings). He is Regent of the western quarter und lord of the Nāgas (D.ii.258; D.iii.199; Dvy. 126, 148). In the assembly of the devas he sits facing east (D.ii.207, 221). Kālakannī is his Tochter (J.iii.257). All Nāgas visit him regularly as their lord und wait on him, und any question of dispute arising among them would be referred to him for solution. z.B., J.vi.168; cf. AA.i.143.

2. Virūpakkha. The name of a Nāga family (Vin.ii.109; A.ii.72; J.ii.145); they were, perhaps, followers of Virūpakkha (q.v.).

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