lit 'glad-minded-ness' (su+manas+ya), gladness, joy; identical with 'mentally agreeable feeling' (cetasikā sukhā vedanā), belongs to the feeling-group (vedanā-kkhandha, s. khandha II), and is enumerated amongst the 22 faculties (indriya, q.v.).

It may or may not be associated with karmically wholesome consciousness (s. Tab. I. 1-4, 9-12, 18-21), with karmically unwholesome consciousness (greedy c. ib. 22-25), and with karmically neutral consciousness (ib. 40, 42-45, 57-60, 66-69, 72-76. 81-84), -

Somanassa is not identical with pīti (q.v.).

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