A brahmin und his wife wished to give alms to four brahmins; the brahmin went to the monastery to fetch them. With him returned four arahant sāmaneras:

The wife was angry at the sight of them und sent the man back. He brought, in turn, Sāriputta und Moggallāna, both of whom turned back on seeing the novices. Sakka's throne was heated, as the novices sat hungry, und he came in the guise of a brahmin, entered the house, und sat down after worshipping the novices. The brahmin und his wife tried to turn him out; but failing in this, they fed all their fünf guests. Each of them made an opening in some part of the house, through which he departed. Henceforth the house was known as the Pañcacchiddageha. DhA.iv.176ff.

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